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A collection of beekeeping links

Jourdan Honey Farms are beekeepers in the true sense. We have more than a few swarms, gathered over the years that are housed in beehives we built to keep up with the growing demand. We have a farm that we love and where we tend to our bees, and welcome curious visitors.

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IBRA is a charity working to increase awareness of the vital role of bees in the environment and to encourage the use of bees as wealth creators.
From the E. F. Phillips Beekeeping Collection at Mann Library.

Read these books online for free.

An interesting selection of honeybee information, indexed A-Z.
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).
Is it an unparalleled natural rythmic ebb in the honey bee population or a portentous prophetic warning of a failing ecosystem?
Solving this mystery could have far-reaching effects.

Clan Apis is the biography of a honey bee named Nyuki. Written and drawn by biologist Jay Hosler.
Southerns Beekeeping Association

Southerns Beekeeping Association is a voluntary association of both hobbyist and professional beekeepers for the Gauteng region.

Comb Honey Apiaries

Supply of assembled and unassembled hive components and beekeeper tools.
Cape Education Farm

A major reason for generating this part of the website, which is dedicated to the study of bees, is to educate, both beekeepers and the general public about bees in general and the specific methods used by beekeepers in handling bees as well as the means whereby we can breed "better" bees. 

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A stingy old beekeeper figured out a way to take his money with him when he died. Not that he, a beekeeper, had a lot of money, but what he did have was going to join him in his afterlife.

He instructed his wife to go to the bank and withdraw enough money to fill two pillow cases. He then directed her to take the bags of money to the attic and leave them directly above his bed. His plan: When he passed away, he would reach out and grab the bags on his way to heaven.

Several weeks after the funeral, his widow was up in the attic cleaning, and came upon the two forgotten pillow cases stuffed with cash.

"Oh, that darn fool," she exclaimed, "I knew he should have had me put the money in the basement."


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Welcome to the Honeysuckle House of Honey
Honeysuckle House of Honey has a special selection of Honey Bee products freshly crafted from wild Honey and Beeswax with the help of countless African Honey Bees.

Information, products and services for beekeepers and bees.

The African Beekeeping resource centre.

BeeCraft the beekeepers journal for beginners and seasoned apiarists. Beekeeping information, shop and UK courses in all aspects of Beekeeping.

Woodworking Specialists. Manufacturers And Stockists Of Bee Hives And Apiary Equipment.

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A beekeeping autobiography written by Ron Miksha, a former migratory beekeeper who still loves to keep bees.

Imagine half a million adults skipping town and leaving their children

Picture an opened suitcase filled with bundles of cash at a bus stop
and yet no robber wants to snatch it.

The apiary science mystery known as:

 'Colony Collapse Disorder'
displays these very symptoms..

Does the flower make the honeybee or the honeybee the flower?